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Born during WWII Ilona grew up in the austere world of ration books and the sound of sirens. She was born in Bath to a Hungarian mother and an Irish father. Her education in the arts can largely be traced back to the time she spent with her maternal grandmother who lived in Vence in the South of France, with whom she often stayed in the school holidays. In the early 1950s there was a vibrant art scene in the region. Picasso lived and worked in Provence at the time, as did Marc Chagall, Henri Matisse and Jean Cocteau. This early experience had a lasting effect on Ilona and the influence of these artists is still remain evident in her work today. Ilona’s paintings are imbued with symbolism. The imagery she uses reflects her dreams and memories. She pays homage to artists of the past whom she admires, particularly Vincent Van Gogh and Frida Kahlo. In some paintings she cuts across time and makes them husband and wife. Many of the images are of lovers and she attempts to express the feelings of tenderness between them. The figures dwell in imaginary landscapes often in the company of horses and birds. Her work has evolved overtime into the style it is today. Though not easy to categorise, Ilona tends to describe herself as an outsider artist. Ilona has exhibited her work in many venues in the U.K. including London, Oxford, Hereford, Brecon, Monmouth as well as several galleries on Pembrokeshire where she lives and works. In 2009 one of her large paintings was short-listed for the Channel Four Big Art competition. In 2015 several of her paintings were bought by a renowned London art collector to hang in his house in the South of France. Most recently she has been asked to show a painting in the forthcoming exhibition, the Wales Contemporary, at the Mall Galleries, London.
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BIRD TALK, Price: £695.00

THE SISTERS, Price: £950.00

TROPICAL WEDDING, Price: £400.00

WOMAN AND BIRD , Price: £695.00