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Jane Barnes is an artist, originally from Merthyr Tydfil in South Wales, although she currently lives in North Wales. She re-engaged professionally with her work a few years ago after years of expressing her creativity through teaching, project design and innovation for others. She completed an Art & Design Foundation course at Cardiff Met., followed by a degree in Fine Art at Manchester Met. specialising in Fine Art Printing. After completing her degree, she undertook a Tate Fellowship at Tate Liverpool, dividing her time there with her work as a member of Cheshire Arts Advisory Team. Her work since spans from Curator of MAP at Tate Liverpool, lecturer at FE & HE colleges in England & Wales, to a variety of management positions, includes Director of Visual, Performing Arts & Media and as an arts consultant on projects such as the Old Town Hall, Red House, in Merthyr Tydfil. Growing up in Wales, Jane has always been naturally drawn to the power of landscape; working immersed in the environment, connecting with the transience of life, sense of infinity and emotional connection contained within an image. Jane’s work focuses on life, history and how we exist within nature, working with and against it and the evidence we leave behind. She is drawn to organic shapes and curves found within nature, and their morphing physicality imposed by changes in light, the elements and erosion. When painting, Jane searches for hidden and reflected colours, using the naturally occurring interplay to create the images, harnessing nature’s element of surprise with colours, emotionally responding directly to the landscape, through using acrylic inks and paints. Her work has been exhibited in Brecon, Liverpool, Cardiff, Cheshire and Italy and is held in private collections in Wales, Italy and Singapore. She is currently creating a series of visual narratives in response to culturally disparate locations, and also writing her first novel.
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