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Born in Cardiff in 1967, Adrian graduated from Cardiff Art College in 1989 with BA (Hons) Fine Art. On leaving art college Adrian pursued a career as a police officer, a job he still does today. However in 1999 during a career break in Ghana his passion for drawing and painting was re-ignited. Adrian has since continued to exhibit work across the UK and as far afield as Japan. Adrianís work fuses together various media, including pen and ink, watercolour and pastel. His interpretations are meticulous and captivating. The detail in his work mesmerises the audience enticing them to seek out different aspects of his work which wouldnít necessarily be noticeable when your eye is first drawn to his pictures. His use of bold, vibrant colours only serves to add to the overall character. Adrianís collection of Cardiff pictures draws on his life-time relationship seeped in the culture of the City bringing together architectural detail and naivety.
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CARDIFF BAY, Price: £250.00



ROATH PARK, Price: £250.00