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Living and working between Tuscany and North Gower has heightened my sense of 'Place'. The 'Welshness' of a welsh farmhouse is all the clearer as is the sense of rich history in an Italian Villa. I paint because I respond to these places and feel their 'mood'; I am a painter of mood. These subjects paradoxically become then, subservient to my enjoyment of moving paint around on canvas, creating a 'feeling' of these places. I also love people watching, especially how groups work. How a family will form an archetypical group on the beach, how friends discuss the day's news, how unrelated groups maybe one with a dog, for instance, will form their own areas on a beach. How 'we are' day-to-day. I have been a collector of junk i.e. antiques for some 20 years now. I again respond to the imaginative story old things tell me. I paint these objects with a sensitivity I do not often find in the world today. It is an escape to the world of how things were, how things really are in my world. Having two studios and one home full of old things I am able to live daily with history and with my imagination. In short, I love the way an old Welsh farm seems to grow out of and cling vehemently to the land it belongs to, how my old beer mugs have a wonderful time and purpose of use, how the sea, sky, and sand often merge as one or reflect on another's colours. These are the things of my paintings and this is why I paint them. Incidentally I have the same response to music - beautiful sounds to explore, explain and imagine. Communication with others through the arts is a wonderful source of inspiration to me.
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