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‘A year of scrutiny of self, practice and response. The work presented is largely based on flowers and plants from the Georgian Walled teeny Town garden, having grown up literally in the potting shed with my paternal grandmother, flowers /plants mean everything to me. The cliché symbols however 'old gardening hat ' or 'sugary snap pea' apply, I make no apology for the solace, wonder and intrigue they offer me as a painter. They tell my story, my history, continuity, and of course their Beauty. All painted over the last year, the full cycle I have watched and painted has returned just in time for this show, even the early roses are just back. A reminder of continuity and belonging. Objects used are treasures from my collection (now rather large and overflowing). Some constantly repeated others playing second soldier from the left to balance compositions. They are not 'set up' more 'happen' as some will know the house looks like one giant still life, and I live this still life daily. Colour, structure and form, story ( many objects are very precious - as in 'bequeathed' - a chippy paint chair I was give many years ago that holds dear memories and clings on tight to the past, it's not just a chair I paint. Perhaps 'country' sums me up best, most things are 'vernacular' i.e. country made, have the hand of the maker visible, and if not, evoke country. Light catching surface is my raison d'être but always. Recently it's how shadow doesn't always do what one thinks. Intensity of gaze I suppose is crucial, for maybe a day or three in total I will respond to a group of things to 'make more real the real ' to elevate the humble as in 'boxed' - beetroot tightly packed in its green box. ‘ Andrew Douglas-Forbes, May 2021
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