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My work concentrates on form and texture. I aim to make pieces that appear simple yet have a softness, a freedom and a sculptural quality. The work varies in size from small, intimate domestic ware to large scale pieces. I work in porcelain, partly because it is such a beautiful material in itself - so fine, white and translucent - and because its smoothness allows the use of subtle textures. This is achieved by reducing the clay body to a slip, which is applied to the thrown piece then drawn into with a variety of combs and other tools, including my fingers. Many of the pieces are then altered by stretching, cutting or impressing, to escape the inevitable circle that the wheel imposes on a thrown piece. Recently I have started working at the edges of pieces during the throwing process, for a soft, weathered, timeless effect. My inspirations are many and varied: from the natural world to dance and music - and also from the world of ideas and concepts.
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FACETD JUG 1, Price: £45.00