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The tradition of landscape painting has always been at the heart of my drawing and painting. I work directly from the environment often revisiting places many times and in ever changing weather and seasons. In particular, I have over the past five years concentrated my work around locations in Norfolk, Surrey and Dorset. In Norfolk, I am drawn to the dramatic skies and the seemingly endless space. It is for me a very magical place. The fields and marshes always appear to reflect the light. The changing tides quickly transform the rivers and inlets from tranquil muddy channels to deep and fast moving waters allowing the boats to venture out to sea. The beaches are vast and shimmer with light. I moved to Dorset, from London three years ago. During that time, my work has been inspired not only by the stunning land and seascapes but more recently by the poems and novels of Thomas Hardy. He constantly makes references to the lighting effects of sunrise, sunset, and moonlight. In doing so he embues the Dorset countryside with great beauty. An exhibition of these painting was held at the Albemarle Gallery in London in March 2004. All of my drawings, oils and watercolours are concerned with capturing something of the light, colour, spirit and beauty of a place and to convey this with a passion that derives its inspiration from the physical act of painting. David Atkins
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HERALD SQUARE, 7.00am, NYC, Price: £320.00



MORNING ON 7TH AVENUE, NYC, Price: £320.00

RADIO CITY, NYC, Price: £320.00

YELLOW TAXI, NYC, Price: £320.00