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I have been making for over 35 years and exhibited widely and sold through many established galleries. I approach the making of my vessels with energy and immediacy, working on the form and its surfaces during the process of making and drying. My application of slips and oxides alter the surface and the layering of materials added to the vessel emphasises the plasticity and surface qualities of clay whilst achieving the feel of a landscape. I seek to push the boundaries of the pot/clay to becoming an abstract object in the art ceramic sculptural world. I Begin with thrown or hand built clay forms, I use the wheel to shape the exterior surface. While I may have an idea and an understanding of the shape, it is through careful manipulation, alterations of the surface with clastic sedimentary stones and oxides that the exterior appearance of the vessel is derived. Textures from the Earth series of work reflects the landscape of the Welsh mountains and Coastline. The layering of 200 million year old clastic sedimentary stones, beach quartz, granite, brushed layered Anglesey copper and glazes adds colour and textural effects that are harmonious to each piece making each vessel unique and individual. I am collecting rocks and sedimentary stones from different parts of the UK and these will be incorporated into the vessels making them unique to that area of Britain, Scotland and Wales.
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CHAW 4 TEA BOWL, Price: £67.00

CHAW 1 CHAWAN TEA BOWL, Price: £100.00

CHAW SHIG 2, Price: £100.00

CHAW SHIG 3 TEA BOWL, Price: £67.00

LB1 LARGE BOWL, Price: £420.00

LI LARGE JAR, Price: £1085.00

LJ1 LARGE JUG, Price: £150.00

MJ1 MEDIUM JUG, Price: £160.00

MJ2 MEDIUM JAR, Price: £170.00

MJ3 MEDIUM JUG, Price: £135.00

RJ CORN JUG, Price: £142.00

SP1 SAKE POURER, Price: £160.00

TJ3 LARGE JUG, Price: £170.00

TJ4 TALL JUG, Price: £170.00

Y1 TEA BOWL, Price: £67.00