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Abz Heywood is a 23 year old Cheshire based artist. Abz favours semi-abstract landscapes and seascapes using a combination of paint and stitch and communicates her interpretations through layering materials on canvas. The inspiration is abstracted from places she visits, capturing moments by phone and using these photos later on in the studio, transforming a digital memory into a piece of art. Her practice involves the exploration of mark making which creates dynamic and energetic surfaces. Abz is inspired by texture and light, in particular within the sky as this depicts the mood and atmosphere of a painting. The main focus within Abz’s work is to capture spirit without the clinical detail of a photograph. Abz has participated in a number of gallery exhibitions to date, these being located in London, North Wales, South Devon and Tenerife and has also appeared on Sky Arts ‘Landscape Artist of the Year’ as a wildcard. (2022)
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AGUITA, Price: £450.00


FRAGILE, Price: £500.00

HORIZON, Price: £460.00