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I am an artist living and working in Cardiff, South Wales. I exhibit regularly and am represented by a number of galleries in England and Wales. I am a member of the Makers Guild in Wales and since 2019 I have been on the Board of Trustees. I am an active member of the creative community in Cardiff and have been involved in a number of arts groups, being instrumental in setting up regular exhibitions, arts markets and residencies. Having studied Ceramics and Design at Howard Gardens in Cardiff to degree level, I started my professional career in the arts, teaching and working in a variety of community, educational, and health care settings. The primary focus of my work after graduating was to enable and help develop the creativity in others, from large scale community and public art projects to small focus groups. I work in a local SEN school and enjoy employing a variety of mediums. The emphasis on multi-sensory art work, spontaneity and unpredictable outcomes so necessary in my teaching, also crosses into my personal practice. In recent years, I have extended my own practice and now enjoy a balance of teaching with making, exhibiting and selling my own ceramic artwork. Early on in my artistic career, I explored the use of printed imagery onto the ceramic surface, manipulating the clay prior to firing in order to produce distorted decorative and figurative effects. This use of the printed image has often continued through my ceramic artwork, either as direct screen-printing, mono-printing or using transfer decals. My latest work marks a methodological shift away from the printed surface image. Instead, I have begun to apply slips and glazes directly to the clay forms, experimenting with colour and texture to produce abstract designs that nonetheless evoke natural phenomena. The constant source of inspiration for my artwork is nature, mainly rock textures, exposed strata layers in the cliffs, eroded beach debris, and generally any interesting textures and colours I encounter while walking. Experimentation and unpredictability remain paramount to my practice. Working directly into the clay before creating the slab-built structures or using flat, canvas-like sheets of clay to create large wall panels. I combine combustible materials and metals that eat into the surface of the clay with poured, painted, dripped and splashed slips. These are bisque fired, and then painted again with stains and glazes. I continue to challenge my skills as a maker and artist. It is the enjoyment of the making process and the continuing development of an evolving creativity which drives my practice.
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VESSEL 1, Price: £255.00

VESSEL 2, Price: £235.00

VESSEL 3, Price: £235.00


VESSEL 5, Price: £235.00


WALL PANEL 2, Price: £325.00


WAVE 2 REFLECTIONS, Price: £365.00

WAVE 4 SEASCAPE, Price: £345.00