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I have always been drawn to places and things on the edge where nature starts taking over from man: shorelines where manmade objects, altered by the elements are returned to us, old tips full of once treasured objects are discarded their useful, honourable lives over and now decorated with intricate patterns of the cracks and patinas imposed by their new surroundings. To appreciate the beauty of these marks one must look closely and get drawn into these objects, not only their appearance but their uses and their stories. These qualities were revered in Japanese tea bowls which, if treasured were constantly mended and used for centuries in tea ceremonies drawing us deeper in an act of contemplation. We have a close relationship with domestic ceramics. We cuddle cups and bowls with both our hands for warmth and comfort; we place them close to our faces to further appreciate their contents and occasionally slam them on the table. Most importantly they are witness to our stories, hold our secrets and share our intimacies. My ceramics have stepped out of the kitchen to tell their tales and make you think again about the power of these everyday items. “Objects contain absent people” – Julian Barnes, Metroland.
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ADAR GWYN, Price: £350.00

DESIREE, Price: £180.00

GWENNO, Price: £200.00

MERI ANNI, Price: £200.00