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For me, I believe there are no absolutes in art. Art isn't something that can be measured. It's something uniquely personal, relative, subjective, and cultural. My process begins with the primal impulse to mark and create. It's a visual record of the mind and body to understand, capture, explain, and express a moment, a feeling, a vision, or an idea. And each mark-making experience is an exciting fluid intuitive process of creation and destruction in order to arrive at something unique and satisfying. The content of my work is frequently ambiguous and rooted in an expressionistic impressionistic trust of feeling and intuition based on the subject in front of me or an idea needing to take form. Whether figurative or otherwise, the abstracted work is always related to the gestalt, an enticing incompleteness, that suggests and provokes rather than illustrates. In some works an obvious form appears, other pieces are less clear and are often layered with fragmented ideas, incomplete thoughts, and even multiple meanings and perspectives. Each painting usually begins on location within the scenery, other times it's back in the studio without any preconceived image or formal idea in mind. They begin with a series of random mark-making. As I progress, images, textures, and colours then appear and disappear, they are revised, altered, scraped away, corrected, rejected, destroyed, and at times even accepted. The works are based on an improvisational search for mood and accuracy. In a sense they are excavations. A strata of multi-layered surfaces created with a variety of materials... dry pigments, acrylics, fabrics, oils, inks, watercolours, chalks, charcoal, bonding agents, often along with the very earth from the location itself, literally dug out of the ground. From these materials and processes, images are unearthed. At other times the paintings are often left completely devoid of specific visual references and rely solely on pure abstraction. They are surfaces that attempt to reveal a sense of time, mood, environment and depth. A depth that is both physical through building up and layering as well as emotional depth through a destructive tearing away, erosion and scarring. In the end the works are about a search; a search for truth and a search for form often within the formless through the very innocent primal act of mark-making and in doing so, when all is said and done, simply declaring "I was here!".
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WATERFALL I, Price: £795.00

WATERFALL II, Price: £795.00