est. 1965

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As a recent Fine Art graduate of Cardiff Metropolitan University, where I was awarded a first class honours degree, I had the opportunity to explore a wide range of styles and concepts, including both abstract art and landscapes. Working in an abstract way stripped back my understanding of landscapes, allowing me to explore shapes, colours and texture in a new direction. I spent time in the landscape to capture the raw movement, and portray my personal response to an environment. Exploration of the landscape through abstraction has influenced my current work and developed my interpretation of landscapes through visual perception. My working methods continue to evolve and include exploration of elements often unseen within landscapes that enables the viewer to appreciate the world through my own experiences.
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BRACELET BAY, Price: £135.00


OGMORE-BY-SEA, Price: £135.00


PEN Y FAN, Price: £135.00

SOUTHERNDOWN, Price: £135.00