est. 1965

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Rew (as she is known by her initials R.E.W.), was born in Somerset, brought up in Worcester, N.Wales, Portugal, Cardiff & Rutland. She studied in Cambridge and then settled on the Welsh Borders. Her love of Art also took her to China, Russia, and The United States. Today she is based in the Marches between the river Monnow and the river Wye surrounded by ancient trees and free roaming wildlife. She lives with her partner and three children upon a small-holding under which umbrella are many chickens, ducks, geese, an assortment of sheep breeds, a pig and some extremely wilful small dogs that might identify as dachshunds if you asked them, but that’s unlikely as they are very fast and incapable of speaking politely in good company! From a young age Rew has been a lover of the environment, campaigning for its protection and later training to care for and nurse some species of injured or abandoned wildlife. Based on all her experiences with nature, Rew sculpts in a free fluid style to show the personalities and unique quirks of her subjects. Rew sculpts in a variety of clays, fabrics and flotsam. She paints, guilds and smiths all manner of up-cycled materials to create her very broad range of products which are well observed, characterful, often amusing and even occasionally as rude, but still very charming, as her small dogs!
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CHICKEN CHATTER BLUE AND WHITE (framed diorama), Price: £290.00

GOSSIPING GIRLS (framed diorama of stoneware chickens)


NESTING BALL (LARGE) edition of 11

NESTING BALL (SMALL) edition of 11