est. 1965

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PLEASE NOTE THAT IF A RED DOT IS SHOWING, ADDITIONAL PIECES MAY BE AVAILABLE TO ORDER. Rachel was brought up in Rutland. From a young age she has been fascinated by the countryside and its wildlife. Based on her experiences with nature, Rachel sculpts in a free fluid style to show the personalities and unique quirks of her creations. She lives in Waterbeach near Cambridge sharing her home with many animals, birds and her dog Flint. They are all a constant source of inspiration for her work. Often she looks after orphaned ducklings and fledglings, which need help or recuperation. She combines this with a very active post at the Cambridge Visual & Performing Arts College, teaching to both A Level and Foundation students. She also runs her own course and offers work experience to her students. Having made Cambridge her home, Rachel frequently returns to her grandparent's home in North Wales where she gains a great deal of inspiration. In the quiet time of the winter she spends many hours walking along the beach, studying the seabirds and collecting tide line debris to work on in her studio. Rachel's work is mainly in bronze, but she also sculpts in ceramic, clay and resin. Always aware of the environmental issues Rachel tries to use as much recycled materials as possible in the making of her sculptures.
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NESTING BALL (LARGE) edition of 11

NESTING BALL (SMALL) edition of 11