est. 1965

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Mary Burtenshaw was born in London. She studied Fine Art at the Norwich School of Art and Design graduating with a Fine Art B.A (Hons) in 1994. Mary has lived in East Anglia and on the south coast, areas that have greatly influenced her work. She now lives close to London. Mary paints dramatic impressionist and abstract landscapes which are inspired by her love of the countryside and the many and varied places she has visited, creating the atmosphere and feeling of a place with the use of texture and light. Her acrylics are painted on paper, canvas and wood each of which give a different intensity of colour and a strong texture but also the soft contours that combined with soft blending suit the space and changing mood of her subject matter. She continues to always explore the use of her medium. Her work has been described as ‘ethereal’ Mary’s current and forthcoming exhibitions are in the Cotswolds, Hampshire, the South Coast, the West Country, Wales, the Home Counties and London.
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DRIFTING BREEZE, Price: £375.00


SEARING SUNSET, Price: £495.00

STILL EVENING, Price: £595.00

SUNSET BLAZE, Price: £345.00

SUNSET FLARE, Price: £345.00

SUNSET TANGO, Price: £475.00

TWILIGHT BREEZE, Price: £425.00