est. 1965

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Born in Newport now living in Pontypridd and currently teaching art in the Rhondda, South Wales. I enjoy the process of creating form with oil paint. I use a mixture of deliberate and intuitive brush marks in each composition. My inspiration is the South Wales landscape. The development of my painting is bound tightly to choices of subject matter. It is the subject, which gives me the form and structure to hang my paintings on. I am involved in creating representations of Wales in paint. Mountains, fields and streets. There is an air of retrospection about the work and of time passing. The work is about atmosphere, settlement, home and the elements. I am traditional in terms of materials and believe in the importance of drawing. I have been influenced by both Kyffin Williams and Josef Herman in this regard. I spend time sketching out a composition before each painting is begun, usually blocking in with ink or gouache. I investigate tone and form this way. My work communicates honestly, unselfishly and provokes a memory and personal response. There is no secret code to unlock the work, it is open to interpretation and without pretension. More recently I have been drawn to creating greater texture in the paintings and making a greater variety of marks with the brush as I paint. I enjoy using silhouettes of figures and foliage and making use of shadows to create three-dimensional forms. I have begun to include a figure in some of the works. This character took some time to evolve. Obvious inspiration has come from Josef Herman and Kyffin Williams depiction of the working man. Also from working on a farm in summer holidays from school. I enjoy simplifying forms to make them a suggestion of what they represent creating a solidity, without fuss and literality.
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LOOKING BACK I, Price: £580.00

LOOKING BACK II, Price: £580.00

OUT TOGETHER 1, Price: £495.00

TWO FARMERS I, Price: £580.00


UNDERGROUND WITH PONIES I unframed, Price: £1600.00

UNDERGROUND WITH PONIES II unframed, Price: £1600.00