est. 1965

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JOSEF HERMAN RA unframed 2
All work is unframed, mounting or framing can be arranged for an additional fee. The work was obtained directly from Josef Herman during the 1980s, however, some drawings date from earlier periods in his career. The prices reflect the condition of the work - full details and images of any signs of ageing, should they be present, will be provided prior to purchase.
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A GOOD HARVEST No.184, Price: £500.00

CROUCHING NUDE No.180, Price: £800.00

DELACROIX LIVED HERE No.188, Price: £550.00

DOG WAITING No.136, Price: £400.00

DOVE (signed) No.192, Price: £750.00

FARM WORKER No.140, Price: £475.00

FARMER No.176, Price: £600.00

FARMERS No.153, Price: £450.00

FARMERS AND DONKEYS No.162, Price: £400.00

FIELD WORKERS No.159, Price: £500.00

FIGURE ON THE BRIDGE No.179, Price: £500.00

FIGURE ON THE ROAD No.181, Price: £500.00

FRENCH POETESS (signed) No.173, Price: £500.00

GRAPE HARVESTERS No.130 , Price: £450.00

HORSE AND JOCKEY No.194, Price: £1000.00

MAN AND WHEELBARROW No. 178, Price: £500.00

MAN AND WOMAN WORKING No.137 , Price: £350.00

MAN AT WORK No.191, Price: £400.00

MAN SLEEPING No.165, Price: £800.00

MAN WITH SPADE (signed) No.196, Price: £700.00

MOTHER AND BABY (signed) No.193, Price: £750.00

MOTHER AND CHILD No.195, Price: £950.00

NUDE SITTING No.185, Price: £475.00

NUDE WOMAN KNEELING No.149, Price: £450.00

PINK DRESS No.163, Price: £500.00

PINK FLOWER No.198, Price: £650.00

PIPE SMOKER No.27, Price: £475.00

REAR VIEW (signed) No.170, Price: £700.00

RECLINING NUDE (signed) No.174, Price: £550.00

SEATED COUPLE No.161, Price: £400.00


TAKING A BREAK No.200, Price: £800.00

TEA FOR TWO No.143, Price: £500.00

THE CONVERSATION (signed) No.166

THE EXCAVATION No 182, Price: £475.00

THE FARMERS GATHERING No.155 , Price: £400.00

THE FLOWER SELLER (signed) No.167, Price: £500.00

THE PROPOSAL (signed) No.169, Price: £525.00

THE WORK SHOP No.135, Price: £500.00

THREE FIGURES SITTING No.154 , Price: £400.00

THREE FIGURES TALKING No.186, Price: £500.00

THREE FISHERMEN No.156 , Price: £400.00

THREE MEN AND BARREL (signed) No.131 , Price: £500.00

THREE VILLAGE WOMEN No.187, Price: £450.00

THREE WOMEN Study (signed) No.172, Price: £550.00

TWO FARMERS No.150 , Price: £400.00

TWO FIGURES RESTING No.152 , Price: £450.00

TWO MEN AND A DONKEY (signed) no 132, Price: £500.00

TWO MEN AT WORK No.158, Price: £500.00

TWO MEN SITTING No.134, Price: £500.00

TWO SEATED FIGURES (signed) No.175 , Price: £500.00

TWO WOMEN FARMING (signed) No.171

TWO WOMEN No.133, Price: £500.00

TWO WOMEN TALKING No.145, Price: £450.00

UNKNOWN MAN No.190, Price: £450.00

VIEW FROM THE VILLAGE study No.189, Price: £525.00

VILLAGE MEETING No.142, Price: £450.00

VILLAGERS No.147 , Price: £450.00

WOMAN GOING HOME No.177, Price: £450.00

WORKSHED (signed) No.199, Price: £800.00