est. 1965

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The ‘Fragile Landscape’ series combines eroded volcanic surfaces with pearl and silver crystalline glazes, reminiscent of the contrasting surfaces of an oyster shell.The palette of glazes used is evocative of granite cliffs, seashore and crashing waves. My inspiration is derived from the changing landscape and eroding seashores around us, particularly in Cornwall and East Anglia. I am interested in both the micro and the grander macro view; a lichen and moss covered granite rock; the changing patterns of light on a mountainside. The forms include large bowls and vases, a range of small tea bowls, also more organic forms, including the ‘Fragile Landscape’ range where the mark of the making is integral within the piece. The scale of work ranges from very large coil built bowls, which derive their inspiration from classical forms, to tea bowls in various sizes. A common theme, irrespective of scale, is the juxtaposition between the iridescent crystalline interior, sometimes evoking a distant view of another galaxy; and the tactile eroded exterior. I am striving to harness the beauty of porcelain and the mysterious chemistry of crystals to create ceramic forms, which evoke the beauty of the natural world which inspired them. Hilary studied ceramics at W.S.C.A.D Farnham with Henry Hammond. In addition to practicing as a studio potter, Hilary runs classes and workshops at her studio, which is now in Bickmarsh, Warwickshire.
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BLUE GREY BOWL (2), Price: £165.00

FRAGILE LANDSCAPE I (8), Price: £295.00

FRAGILE LANDSCAPE II (large) (9), Price: £490.00

FRAGILE LANDSCAPE III (10) , Price: £295.00

FRAGMENT OF LANDSCAPE I (13), Price: £155.00

FRAGMENT OF LANDSCAPE II (14), Price: £155.00

FRAGMENT OF LANDSCAPE IV (16), Price: £155.00

HARE'S FUR TEA BOWL (17), Price: £75.00

ICE CRYSTAL BOWL (large) (20), Price: £80.00

ICE CRYSTAL BOWL (medium) (21), Price: £65.00

ICE CRYSTAL GLOBE (19), Price: £290.00

PEARL CRYSTAL TEA BOWL I (26), Price: £75.00

RED TEA BOWL (deep) (30), Price: £75.00

SEA URCHIN FORM (32), Price: £220.00


TURQUOISE TEA BOWL I (35), Price: £75.00