est. 1965

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Henry was born 1978 in Norwich, England and spent his childhood in the Suffolk countryside. Henry studied art at Ipswich College in Suffolk, and then Loughborough University in Leicestershire. In 2000 he moved to London to find work that would further his art career and help to maintain his painting. From 2001 until 2011 Henry worked for the Curwen Gallery (London W1) helping to run a business art consultancy and contemporary art gallery. In 2004 he was made the Associate Director, involving him in all areas of the business, including the organisation and curation of exhibitions (specifically the annual Northern Graduates show), art handling and the look and design of the company's promotional material and website. He was also involved in setting up The Rectory Gallery in Spitalfields, East London in 2009. In Spring 2011 Henry and his family moved from London to the High Peak in Derbyshire. Henry is now a freelance artist & designer concentrating more time to his painting (while also looking after his two kids). He continues to work with Curwen selecting and organising the annual 'Northern Graduates' exhibition, as well as exhibiting his own paintings in regular group and solo exhibitions.
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ABIDE I, Price: £180.00

ABIDE VI, Price: £500.00

AEON II, Price: £200.00

APPERTAIN I, Price: £175.00

BRACE I, Price: £180.00


CAESURA VIII, Price: £500.00

COMATE XXIX, Price: £180.00

COMATE XXX, Price: £180.00

CONVEY III, Price: £180.00

DEBOUCH IX, Price: £500.00

DEBOUCH VIII, Price: £500.00

DEBOUCH X, Price: £500.00

DOCENT I, Price: £180.00

DRIFTING VI, Price: £125.00

ELUCIDATION I, Price: £175.00

FAMILIAR 3, Price: £175.00

INTERIM XII, Price: £125.00

INTERMISSION II, Price: £175.00

MISTRAL IX, Price: £180.00

MURMER 2, Price: £175.00

PENSEE I, Price: £175.00

PENSEE III, Price: £175.00

PETRICHOR XIV, Price: £200.00

PONDER VIII, Price: £125.00

PORTENT II, Price: £180.00

RAISE I, Price: £175.00

REVOLUTION 6, Price: £125.00

SKIRR III, Price: £175.00

SKIRR IV, Price: £175.00


SOCIIS VI, Price: £200.00

STRIKE 6, Price: £175.00

THE SPACE BETWEEN V, Price: £175.00


TRIBE III, Price: £175.00

TRIBE IV, Price: £175.00