est. 1965

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David Knight was born in Essex in 1965 but has spent most of his life in Wales and currently lives in Cardiff. He studied Fine Art at the University of Wales Institute Cardiff and graduated with a BA in 1996 and is inspired by a long history of figurative painting. “I’ve always been influenced by figures, whoever painted them and in whatever form, but especially work by Rodin, John Singer Sargeant and Michelangelo,” he says. “I love muscular human form. It’s sculptural in itself. I think most of my work is sculptural – I don’t know why I paint! I should be doing sculpture,” he laughs. David is equally talented a painter of still life subjects and produces fine contemporary artworks with a quiet reflective quality. He is also drawn to the changing moods of the Welsh landscape and urban scenes.
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BACK I, Price: £390.00

BLUE GLASS*, Price: £750.00

BLUE GREY AND WHITE, Price: £1600.00

BLUE GREY*, Price: £850.00

CRADLE*, Price: £860.00

CRITIC, Price: £1900.00

GREEN GREY, Price: £1500.00

GREY KIMONO, Price: £2100.00

GREY WHITE JINN, Price: £1300.00

JINN DANCE I, Price: £2200.00

NUDE*, Price: £650.00

PATH OCTOBER* (unframed), Price: £360.00

RED AND WHITE*, Price: £480.00

RED GREEN, Price: £1500.00

RED GREY*, Price: £1100.00

SIREN*, Price: £410.00

STAIRWELL, Price: £2300.00


THE SECRET, Price: £520.00

THREE BLUE GLASSES, Price: £1700.00

THREE VASES*, Price: £1400.00

TOP FLOOR, Price: £1300.00

TOP PATH AUTUMN* (unframed), Price: £360.00

TOP PATH NOVEMBER* (unframed), Price: £360.00

WINGED, Price: £2300.00