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Artist Statement: Gill Pittman I first started making pottery at school, and then went to the Slade School in London before starting at medical school. I went to occasional ceramics classes and spent a few months at the Chelsea pottery before medicine took over. On moving to Swansea in 1971 I went to further classes and bought a kiln and set up a small pottery studio. When the family came along I took a 28 year holiday from ceramics but started again when I retired from medicine in 2007. I now make wall plaque in earthenware, stoneware and porcelain. I model a plaque and then make a plaster mould from which I cast four or five pieces. After biscuit firing they are then decorated either with glaze or with using glass small chips of glass which melt in a second firing. This produces a depth of translucent colour and attractive crazing effects quite unlike conventional glazing. Each piece turns out differently depending on the decoration used and is a unique work.
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CURLY ANGEL, Price: £70.00

PEGASUS, Price: £90.00

RUNNING ANGEL, Price: £70.00

SOARING DOVE, Price: £90.00

SURF RIDER, Price: £90.00

THE GALLEON, Price: £90.00

THREE SHIPS, Price: £90.00

TUBERIDER, Price: £90.00