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Andrew grew up on Gower, Swansea, and after training in London as a singer he lived and sang professionally in Italy for six years before moving back to Wales settling in Llandeilo.  His work focuses on nature with still life paintings of flowers, such as snowdrops and he says he often finds himself deep in conversation with all things related to the slumber and sleep of winter as it arises and shows the promise of spring.


                                     POST BREAKFAST £2600


Andrew says: “Colours are gentle, muted, soft and underplayed as I see on my early morning walks through fields and woods. Heavy leaden skies with no shadow, little farms or cottages fighting the good fight to keep occupants dry ️until old stone walls dry out for summer, causing the wonderful bends and crookedness one sees on many a farm chimney or roof. Abandoned buildings with hidden stories, simple forms, tangles and textures of buildings returning to the earth.”



FARM IN WINTER presented in a pure silver gilt 'tray' frame £290



FRITILLARY IN A CREAMWARE JUG presented in a large distressed vintage French frame £1400

Andrew says his first priority is light, then subject. “How light falls is my primary concern, subject is always second to that, creating an atmosphere I cannot put into words or song. Reality that is my reality alone - the feel of something and communicating a feeling - often working from drawings even though the objects are in front of me - drawings are full of first thoughts, responses."