We have launched our annual summer show exclusively online. 

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The summer show includes several exciting new discoveries, including Michael Brown, Steve Morgan and Eleanor Whiteman.

Michael Brown studied at art school in Bristol, where he developed his interest in painting and printmaking.  He says: “I concentrate on landscapes and the natural environment, working across Fermanagh in Northern Ireland and west Wales. I work mostly in oil on canvas, applying the paint with broad brushes and palette knives to create texture that complements composition.”

Steve Morgan joined the armed forces at 16 and then went on to work as a freelance illustrator and cartoonist, with many of his cartoons featuring in national and regional press. He broadened his interest in art as a subject by completing a fine art degree at Plymouth University and says he “stumbled into landscape painting”. He adds: “I thoroughly enjoyed exploring what paint could do and since then my ‘style’ has developed into a vibrantly (even ‘aggressive’) abstract expressive impressionistic interpretation of what I see and, more importantly, feel before me as the subject.” Steve sustained an injury in the forces which left him having to use a manual wheelchair for mobility and he adds that this significantly impacts his work. “I quite often paint places I simply am unable to reach anymore,” he says.

Caerphilly artist Eleanor Whiteman spends much of her spare time in Pembrokeshire, where the draw of the coast provides her with constant inspiration. She says: “From summers spent rock pooling as a child, bitterly cold days mapping the rocks as a geology student, to hours spent walking the cliff path with my camera, my experience of west Wales is always evolving, as is my relationship with it. “I enjoy using different techniques in my practice including painting, lino and woodcut, etching, monoprint and photography.”

Andrew says his first priority is light, then subject. “How light falls is my primary concern, subject is always second to that, creating an atmosphere I cannot put into words or song. Reality that is my reality alone - the feel of something and communicating a feeling - often working from drawings even though the objects are in front of me - drawings are full of first thoughts, responses."