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My practice is an exploration of the way I visually perceive the coastline. I investigate how I interpret the world, the moments remembered, overlooked and the way I interpret colours and textures. Visual perception is the way in which a person understands the world through what is seen. This experience is influenced by the emotional and physical conditions of the person. The act of looking is a subconscious act, it is involuntary and unique to each person. It is influenced by past experiences and will inevitably impact on an individualís future perception and experiences. My subconscious view of the landscape absorbs elements unseen by others, with a particular focus on disassociated colours. Painting allows an exclusive expression of how I see the world, in addition to the fluidity of the paint reflecting upon the fluidity of the coast. Examining the materiality of paint is vital in capturing a moment within a landscape. These moments are reflected upon in my abstract paintings. Abstract painting allows the viewer to look past objects and representation, to explore emotion and experience within a painting, whilst pushing the boundaries of perception and understanding of the world. Abstract paintings allows individuals an insight into my perception of the coastline.
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