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I have exhibited with the RI since 2000, winning awards in 2002, 2005, 2006, 2010 & 2017, and becoming a member in 2006. Initially I exhibited landscape and architectural work but more recently I have been drawn to still life. From rows of Roman bottles, old boots or simple stones I am drawn to everyday objects that show signs of wear and history. I often lay objects out in lines like specimens ready for inspection. I think that my local flat East Anglian landscape has influenced this approach everything is laid out in front of you - nothing is hidden. My fascination with everyday objects started when I was the Project Artist at St Edmundsbury Cathedral. Over the ten years that they were building the Central Tower and its vaulted ceiling, I saw seemingly unimportant components from slate dowels to scaffolding. Each of them was essential in the great scheme of things and their signs of wear made them beautiful in their own right. I am proud to have been involved with that project for the things it led me to and for the confidence that it gave me which ultimately led to my election as a member of the RI. THE WORKING PROCESS I am a committed water colour painter. I do not however work quickly with one-off washes. Instead, I work rather laboriously, laying on and lifting off washes until I get the effect that I want. My paper has to be sturdy. I work in my studio with the subject, if still life, in front of me. Composition is important to me and I can spend a long time working it out. I have a very limited palette, using two of each of the primaries, viridian and the siennas. I use masking and lifting techniques throughout the process and often feel that I am sculpting rather than painting!
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DRIFTWOOD AND A PEBBLE, Price: £750.00, Medium: Watercolour, Size: 24 X 57 CMS
HERON, Price: £400.00, Medium: Watercolour, Size: 11 X 21 CMS
SEVENTEEN PEBBLES, Price: £550.00, Medium: Watercolour, Size: 18 X 32 CMS
THREE BROKEN SHELLS, Price: £550.00, Medium: Watercolour, Size: 17 X 29 CMS
TRADE BEADS, Price: £900.00, Medium: Watercolour, Size: 19 X 71 CMS
Pictures 1 - 5 of 5