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My aim in current painting has become a response to the wonderful and varied visual world around us, particularly in regard to colour and the twists and turns of character in a given scene. More recently I am venturing into the world of ideas, expressiveness, and experimental techniques, as well as the unending possibilities in abstract and semi-abstract treatment in which the normal rules of painting - if there are any - are caste aside.
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INTERCONNECTED, Price: £1100.00, Medium: Watercolour, Size: 42x51cms
LOST ALLOTMENT, Price: £1200.00, Medium: Watercolour, Size: 32x49cms
LOW TIDE, Price: £1100.00, Medium: Mixed Media, Size: 34x52cms
MOMENT OF DEPARTURE, Price: £1100.00, Medium: Mixed Media, Size: 38x43cms
SPRING FLOWERS, Price: £1200.00, Medium: Watercolour, Size: 40x41cms
Pictures 1 - 5 of 5