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Born in South Africa. BA Fine Art Stellenbosch University, 1968. Moved to the UK in 1974, and subsequently to France in 2007 where I now live permanently. After working initially as a designer and Illustrator, I have painted and exhibited full time for 37 years less now as arthritic wrists sadly hamper matters. I have exhibited widely in the London, the UK and Europe. Elected a member of the RI in 2002. I work in all mediums, but the delights of pure watercolours have preference: the luminous layering and the liveliness of washes on white paper are a continual challenge and delight. Still life is my main subject matter, with careful arrangement and detailed observation of everyday objects in all their quiet beauty.
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NELLY A LA JAPONAISE, Price: £350.00, Medium: Watercolour, Size: 20 X 16 CMS
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