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Mike Carter BA Hons is a Cardiff based figurative painter specialising in landscapes. Mike studied Fine Art in Cardiff and was taught by Terry Setch RA and Michael Crowther. He is influenced by painters as diverse as the Abstract Expressionist painter Franz Kline, Sean Scully RA and contemporary landscape painters such as Kurt Jackson. "As a landscape painter I'm looking to convey a mood, the atmospheric effects of light, the changes in weather and the seasonal cycles.I find the point where the land meets the sea the most interesting in terms of basic geometry and the endless variation of shapes, vertical forms meeting horizontal.I think this has an emotional connection to my childhood where I lived right on the South Devon coast near Plymouth. I use sketches and photography as a method to record but the photographs and drawings are only a starting point. I've recently become interested in building up surface texture as a means of conveying solid mass. I combine different materials through a layering process such as charcoal, chalk, sawdust, PVA, black ink, acrylic and oil paint to create a range of effects and marks." Mike exhibited in the 2017 Royal Academy Summer Exhibition and also featured in a BBC2 preview of the show. The programme followed him through the selection process.
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CHURCH ROCK, EARLY SUMMER (MC), Price: £375.00, Medium: Mixed Media, Size: 56 X 41 CM
DINAS DINLLE BEACH, Price: £575.00, Medium: Mixed Media, Size: 30x40cm
LLANDDWYN ISLAND LIGHTHOUSE, ANGLESEY (MC), Price: £975.00, Medium: Mixed Media, Size: 60.5x91.5cm
LLANDDWYN LIGHTHOUSE AT DUSK, Price: £575.00, Medium: Mixed Media, Size: 30x40cm
RAMSAY ISLAND FROM ST DAVID'S HEAD, Price: £675.00, Medium: Mixed Media, Size: 56X31cm
TOWARDS LLANDDWYN ISLAND, ANGLESEY (MC), Price: £375.00, Medium: Mixed Media, Size: 51x41cms
Pictures 1 - 7 of 7