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Alison studied Art and Design in West Wales acheiving a B.A Honours Degree, and also a H.N.D in surface pattern. Having a deep interest in textiles. Having recently retired after 10 year as a partner at Gwili Pottery Alison says of her work "As an independent artist/craftswoman I intend to use the scope that this will offer me to explore new and more experimental work. Gwili was a massive opportunity for me to learn and hone particular skills and I now try and use what I have learned in my new work. During my working life I have had an assortment of jobs on my road to self realisation, florist, archaeological assistant and several years as an airline stewardess working for Freddy Laker on his famous Skytrain. I have always been fascinated by the greater world beyond my town. It is travel that has consistently awoken and inspired me. After raising a family and co-running Gwili, I began to travel a little again and following recent trips to Cadiz, Granada, Marrakesh and Essaouira, I embarked on large major work on six foot canvases. I have also been on the pottery wheel making new pots and experimenting with new clays and glazes. I describe my work as mainly abstract mark making with recognisable elements using mixed mediums and techniques . Semi-precious beads and gems also take my eye and I sometimes make a limited amount of jewellery. I am having lots of fun and I hope you enjoy looking at my work and maybe even feel tempted to buy." Alison Todd Art & Ceramics 2013
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AT 23 LARGE BOAT JUG, Price: £145.00, Medium: Ceramic
AT 24 STRIPEY JUG, Price: £95.00, Medium: Ceramic
AT11 BLUE VASE, Price: £35.00, Medium: Ceramic, Size: H 16cm
AT16 SQUARE DISH, Price: £25.00, Medium: Ceramic, Size: H 6cm D 9cm
Pictures 1 - 4 of 4