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Willie was born in Wick in the far north of Scotland and, following a three year ceramics course at Chesterfield Art College, has pursued a successful career as a potter for over 25 years. His studio is in Farndon at Top Farm Pottery. Here he has developed a range of mainly thrown, highly decorated Earthenware, each piece individually brush decorated with a variety of animals and fish in Mediterranean colours. Over the years, a love of modeling clay has resulted in the evolution of hand built animal sculptures. These figures have a free flowing, spontaneous feel, which captures the creature's character and range from bisons and beagles to a complete bridge of elephants.
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13 LARGE SQUARE DISH, Price: £220.00, Medium: Ceramic
14 MEDIUM SQUARE DISH, Price: £120.00, Medium: Ceramic
15 SQUARE PLATE , Price: £95.00, Medium: Ceramic
5 SWEETIE JAR, Price: £195.00, Medium: Ceramic
7 OVAL BOWL, Price: £110.00, Medium: Ceramic
Pictures 1 - 5 of 5