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Dai David exhibits his work both here in the U.K and in Greece. His work is found in collections throughout the U.S.A, Europe and Australia. Notable collections are in The B.B.C, The British Army and the Vatican city. Dai shows his work in leading exhibitions including The Chelsea Art Fair and The International Art Fair. Dai David recently stated: "Through the tonality of light, I relish what Monet called “the cushion of atmosphere” that exists in nature and passionately strive to imbue all my work with such vivid sensation. It is my aim, with my work, to express the ephemeral beauty and wonderful nature of light. Whether it be an intimate, solitary portrait, a joyous group study, or sun-kissed landscape, it is the actual light falling upon the subject that has inspired me to paint. I hope to portray the very essence, and thus, the truth, of a particular moment in each of my works, be it a quiet, intimate study or an energetic beach scene.
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BLUE EYES, Price: £450.00, Medium: oil, Size: 30x30cm
BOYS WITH BOAT, Price: £500.00, Medium: oil, Size: 30x45cm
ON THE BENCH, Price: £750.00, Medium: oil, Size: 50x65cm
SILVERY LIGHT, LLANGENNITH, Price: £650.00, Medium: oil, Size: 15x38cm
SUNBURST, TENBY, Price: £520.00, Medium: oil, Size: 20x20cm
SURFERS, Price: £750.00, Medium: oil, Size: 35x120cm
UP ON HIGH, RHOSSILI, Price: £650.00, Medium: oil, Size: 24x30cm
WINTER WARMTH, LLANGENNITH, Price: £550.00, Medium: oil, Size: 20x25cm
Pictures 1 - 8 of 8