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DAI & DAVID - INSIDE & OUT "I have two eyes (both right!).....one for looking out, the other, in". The artist, Dai & David exhibits internationally in Greece, London's Brick Lane Gallery, The Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, and currently at Galleria Rossocinabro in Rome. His work is shown at major London venues such as The 20/21 International Exhibition, The affordable Art fair and Chelsea Fine Art Show. Dai & David's work is found worldwide from Australia to America, most notably being in private collections in the British Army, The BBC and Vatican City. Painting in two styles...Dai deals with expressionism whilst David paints in an impressionistic fashion. With the latter, my aim is to reveal both beauty and joy I experience when enjoying a light-filled scene. Painting in an impressionistic way, I seek to portray the very essence of an atmosphere....be it an idyllic, intimate moment or a joyous, sun-drenched beachscape. Painting with light impresses me to express the wonder that surrounds me. Dai paints from within. Art from the heart. This way I can express my feelings in a far deeper, more articulate way than with David's vision. In Dai's eyes, my love and passion for music often combines with my artwork. It's here in this imaginative and totally free way of expressing that I can explore human relationships far more than on a surface level. Seeing the worlds from both sides keeps me inspired...each viewpoint equally enriching and refreshing the other!
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