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David Williams-Ellis (born 1959) is a British sculpture whose primary subject matter is the human figure. He is internationally celebrated as one of the world’s leading figurative sculptors whose commissions have brought him international acclaim. Williams-Ellis works primarily in clay before casting in bronze, silver or glass. Biography: David Williams-Ellis was born in Lisburn, Northern Ireland. His parents were talented amateur artists and his sister Bronwyn Williams-Ellis is a globally renowned ceramicist. His great uncle was Clough Williams-Ellis, the architect who created the Italianate village of Portmeirion in North Wales. Clough’s daughter, Susan Williams-Ellis was a pottery designer, best known for co-founding Portmeirion Pottery. He was educated at Stowe School, Buckinghamshire and attributes his early career start to a helpful teacher William Dady who was a painter by practice but a sculpture by inclination. He made his first sale, his A Level plaster figure, before he left. On leaving school, Williams-Ellis eschewed the traditional route of going to art school on the basis that they were all going in a conceptual direction and no one was teaching the craft and traditional skills he wanted to develop. Instead for his eighteenth birthday he asked his parents for a ticket to Italy where he sought out a classical training in Florence under the legendary octogenarian drawing teacher, Nerina Simi. He was initially turned away by Simi but he was persistent and she eventually let him in. Simi taught him to observe the features of a face, the way a person’s clothes hung and the details within buildings. From there he went on to be an apprentice wood carver. Then, in 1978, having been awarded the Elizabeth T. Greenshield Foundation Award he was able to work and study with the marble craftsmen of Carrara in Pietrasanta. He was heavily influenced by the early and high Renaissance and Italian art in general as well as the architecture and visual excitement of Italy. It was a chance encounter with a girl sitting on a pillar that planted the seed of inspiration that would later flower into his signature style. Williams-Ellis soon realised that the restrictions of carving were not for him and in 1981 he returned to London to attend the Sir John Cass School of Art. In 1993 Williams-Ellis was elected member of Royal Cambrian Academy of Art. THE NORMANDY MEMORIAL TRUST David has been commissioned by the Normandy Memorial Trust, alongside the architect Liam O’Connor to create the D-Day sculpture which will occupy a prominent position on the forecourt of the memorial against the backdrop of ‘Gold Beach’ to commemorate the 22,500 British soldiers who died during the landings and thereafter. The 18 foot sculpture will be unveiled in 2019 to coincide with the 75th anniversary of the landings. ABERDEEN FISHING MEMORIAL David was selected by Aberdeen City Council to create a sculpture to commemorate and celebrate all the men and women who have served in the city’s fishing Industry. It will consist of two life-size sculptures, a fisherwoman and a fisherman, that will stand outside the Aberdeen Maritime Museum, due for completion and unveiling in the first half of 2018. Creative Commons Licence
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 International License
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ANIA, Price: £5500.00, Medium: Bronze
ATTITUDE I, Price: £6000.00, Medium: Bronze, Size: appox. 15 inches tall
ATTITUDE II, Price: £6000.00, Medium: Bronze, Size: appox. 15 inches tall
DELPHINI, Price: £5500.00, Medium: Bronze
FORGOTTEN, Price: £5000.00, Medium: Bronze
LOUISE II, Price: £5000.00, Medium: Bronze
SKINNY I (tall), Price: £9000.00, Medium: Bronze, Size: appox. 30 inches tall
SUNRISE (small), Price: £9500.00, Medium: Bronze
VISTA I, Price: £6000.00, Medium: Bronze, Size: appox. 14 inches long
Pictures 1 - 9 of 9