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For me, painting landscape truthfully is as much about touch as vision, as much about intuition and memory as conscious thought and decision. It requires intuitive, gestural and organic mark-making, reproducing the actions of nature, adjusting and re-adjusting to every previous mark, responding to colour relationships and ideas that have gone before in order to build up a constructed experiential landscape. Thus moments are layered, melting one into the next, just as a landscape is seen from a distance, approached, and ultimately consumed. These layered, transient, seen and felt moments, when transformed through the painting process, are intended to engender a prolonged engagement with the painting as a mediated experience of landscape. Mark-making is not depictive of landscape but like landscape: if the paint is metaphor, the marks are simile. In the studio, rather than directly in front of the landscape, I can paint under the influence of the memory’s interpretation of the living landscape – the ‘soul-yearning’ which is a response to more than what is manifest only to the eye.
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CADENCE, TARNISHED SKY, Price: £960.00, Medium: Oil on Canvas, Size: 50 X 70 CMS
ESTUARY, DISSOLVING FORMS, Price: £960.00, Medium: Oil on Canvas, Size: 50 X 70 CMS
LAST OF THE STARLINGS, Price: £560.00, Medium: Oil on Wood, Size: 41 X 30 CMS
THE ESTUARY SOFTENED, FRAGMENTED, Price: £910.00, Medium: Oil on Wood, Size: 51 X 61 CMS
THE ISLAND (EARLY AUTUMN), Price: £420.00, Medium: Oil on Wood, Size: 24 X 30 CMS
Pictures 1 - 5 of 5