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Aneurin Jones writes: My ideas come from the rural Wales. I was born into one of these communities where the divide between reality and mythology was ambiguous. This was the age of the horse, before mechanisation, and a time when the countryside was alive with colourful individuals whose physical shape was moulded by the land. I also felt the hand of an ancient inheritance. Although I left Cwmwysg to learn the craft of painting at Swansea College of Art, the countryside remained my driving force, and when I accepted the post of head of art at Ysgol Y Preseli, I found myself back in an area not dissimilar to the one where I was born, the communal hill farms with all their heroism. I settled soon afterwards in Ceredigion, the land of the Welsh Cob. It is these elements - the rural society, the physical shape of country people, and the flamboyancy of the Welsh Cob - that fire my imagination. September 2011
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CEREDIGION, Price: £1400.00, Medium: Ink
DINAS HEAD FROM CARN INGLI, Price: £2800.00, Medium: Acrylic, Size: 36x51 cm
WHITE STALLION, Price: £1400.00, Medium: Graphite
Pictures 1 - 4 of 4